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Americans with Disabilities Act


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Q&A Series”]


[ID: a white man with a black shirt and a pair of brown glasses. The backdrop is blue. He is sitting on a wooden chair.]


“Hi! What are you going to do on the first Wednesday of March, April, May, and June? The first Wednesday of each month. Nothing? Join us for Adjacent Space and ADA lawyer Ed Zwilling as we collaborate and host ADA Q&A series. Make sure to keep your first Wednesday available for that! All events will be at 6:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Each month—March, April, May, and June—will focus on a single topic where you can bring your questions to discuss and to learn more about ADA and how to apply for your everyday lives. What are the topics? The first topic for March is the Employment and Equal Employee Opportunity Commission. We’ll be discussing employment in March. In April, we’ll discuss school settings such as IEP and what ADA can do for schools. That’s in April. As for May, public accommodations come next. How can you make sure that your business is accessible for people who need to invoke ADA? And your rights as a customer or client under the ADA law, Lastly, in June, we will focus on public accommodations again but with a specialized focus on program access relating to city and county governments such as what can city and county governments do for you under ADA law. We’ll share more information soon! Make sure you’re available for these events! See you all soon!”


[ID at the end: a white background with two hands signing “equality” with large, bolded black words that read: ADJACENT SPACE. At the center of the image there is a triangle that depicts a colorful and vivid mix and swirl of colors that include the following: teal blue, green, gold, brown, gray, black, and dark colors.]

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