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Alabama Deaf Community Accessibility Calendar

The Alabama Deaf Community Accessibility Calendar is intended to document all Deaf community and visually accessible events in Alabama! Send your events to or fill out the form below to add to the community calendar! 

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Captioned Event.jpg
Visual:Tactile Space.jpg
Adjacent Space Logo.jpg

Interpreted Event: an event that provides captioning through an American Sign Language Interpreter.  You will see either a black and blue Interpreter symbol as the icon.

Captioned Event: an event that either provides captioning through cart or Open Captioning at movie viewings.  You will see either a black and green bubble with "test" as an icon.

Visual/Tactile Space: is direct access and communication through ASL, BSL or tactile ASL.  This either means that it is a Deaf event or an event that the first language used is visual tactile.  You will see a black and orange gesturing hands icon.

Adjacent Space: these are events that are hosted by Adjacent Space.  This will be either a networking "Night Out" event or various community events.

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