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Video Transcript

Image Description: A letterboard with a wooden frame and black background has white letters that say “equity where we live, work, & play”. This letterboard is in a tree near leafy plants. The camera pans to show a white woman with brown curly hair and glasses (Anna). She signs the following message surrounded by the same leafy plants.  


Hey! Let’s imagine your city - and everything in it - REALLY valuing accessibility. Think about workplaces excited to work with people who are deaf/hh/deafblind, films automatically having open-captions on the screen, entertainment events with deaf performers featured on stage, a doctor’s office always ready to provide an interpreter with Deaf patients.

And all of this with a diverse group of deaf interpreters and hearing interpreters. Picture an entire community ready to promote access - where we all live, work, and play. 

THAT is the mission of Adjacent Space. 


Image Description: the scene fades to show another white woman with dark brown straight hair (Angelica) sitting among the leafy plants. She signs the following message. 


How does Adjacent Space approach its mission? By creating space through positive, proactive work. For example, the information hub through the website, addressing accessibility barriers, and educational opportunities for the community. 


Image Description: the scene fades to show a white man with glasses and a mustache (Trey) signing among the leafy plants. He signs the following. 


We have several Initiatives that your dollars will support. I’ll list a few now! Offering paid opportunities for Deaf and hearing interpreters to interpret our meetings and translate videos and articles for the community. Adjacent Space Team/Board/Co-Founders will be able to take an ADA certification course, becoming familiar with ways to support our community. Purchasing video equipment to create effective content at the highest quality. Funds for an ADA lawyer to provide legal support to our community as well as support in providing interpreting services for when they may need it. Supporting administration fees such as the website and other tools needed to grow together as an organization.

This is not a conclusive list - these initiatives may take shape and evolve as we grow as an organization. 


Image Description: the scene fades to show Angelica again. She signs the following


Like what you see??

Consider a one-time or monthly donation! Your financial support will ensure that the previously listed initiatives take root and continue to grow. Subscribe to our newsletter to follow how our initiatives are progressing. 

Thanks for creating space! 


Image Description: the camera pans to show the letter board in the tree once more. This time, the letter board reads “create space by donating now.” A downward arrow is below this sentence, and points to the words “Adjacent Space”.

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