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Amazon Smile Program

Steps to adding Adjacent Space as a charity though Amazon Smile


  1. Visit

  2. Sign in with your credentials.

  3. Choose "Adjacent Space Inc" as the charitable organization that will receive donations or go to our unique link at]

2.  Either start your shopping at or enable Amazon Smile on your Amazon app to automatically donate.  After that, Adjacent Space will receive 0.5% of each purchase you make!

Video Transcript:

[ID: A white man is wearing a black shirt and brown glasses. He has a mustache. In the background there is a beige-colored wall with two paintings. The painting on the left depicts a small brown boat with green-blue seas and blue sky, white clouds, and bright yellow sun. The painting on the right shows a tan lighthouse, a red-roofed and bricked house, and a rocky trail right next to the beach.]




Here’s some news! Adjacent Space is now a registered nonprofit organization on AmazonSmile program. What does this mean? When you use our unique link—the link will be shown soon—every time you order something from Amazon, we get money to support our nonprofit organization! This is a cool way you could support our organization!


Here’s our link!


[ID: a black background with white message that reads: “Amazon link:]


Thank you for all of your support!!


[ID at the end: a white background with two hands signing “equality” with large, bolded black words that read: ADJACENT SPACE. At the center of the image there is a triangle that depicts a colorful and vivid mix and swirl of colors that include the following: teal blue, green, gold, brown, gray, black, and dark colors.]

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