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Video Transcript:


How can we strive to create a visually accessible and equitable community? When we #createspace for everyone, we involve everyone in our world. We would love for you to share your insight, tips, feedback, and suggestions on how we can #createspace for everyone! We'll share your videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


Trey (wearing a black shirt while signing, a light tan background is behind): What is Adjacent Space? We are all about creating space! We want to know how you #createspace for everyone through equality and accessibility! Examples that we are looking for include: Advocacy for American Sign Language (ASL), providing accessibility in televisions, public presentations, and press conferences with ASL interpreters and captions! What are some tips or ways that our community can #createspace?

Angelica (wearing a black shirt while signing, a blue background is behind): Here are few rules--

1) Include #createspace hashtag

2) Videos are preferably less than one minute

3) Record yourself with the phone horizontally, not vertically

4) Send to our Facebook messenger or send it to!

Picture 1: A black background with white words that read: HOW CAN WE #CREATESPACE?

Picture 2: A white background with a triangle that includes a mixture of colors (bright blue, bright green, gold, bronze, dark brown, brown, and specks of white) at the middle of the picture. Under the triangle there are two hands that are signing "EQUAL" and black letters that read: ADJACENT SPACE.

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