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Send us an email at

So that we can best support you, please include details such as:

  • Date of when you first request accommodations

  • What type of accommodations you requested

  • Who you interacted with

  • The location you are needing an accommodation (hospital, concert, school, etc)

  • Any documentation you might have such as an email thread, letter or recording

If the situation is ongoing or seems to need legal representation we will partner with ADA Lawyer, Ed Zwilling, who has offered to partner with Adjacent Space as legal counsel.

Video Transcript

Video Description:

A white, young adult man is sitting in front of a cream colored wall. He has a mustache and glasses on and has light brown hair. He has a black shirt on and is using ASL to communicate his message.

Video Transcript:

Is there something blocking effective communication with your medical providers, in your workplace, at your university? Are there barriers to feeling like you belong in the community? 

Have you felt that your right to belong has been marginalized? 
As a Deaf person, do you recognize when things just aren’t “right”, that effective communication practices are missing? Do you feel disenfranchised - unsure of how to promote accessibility?
Adjacent Space wants to hear from you.

Your stories of inaccessibility, and the frustration that comes with it, are important. Your stories are important because if you experience barriers, then we all experience barriers. We’ve established an email address, - there, you can share your feelings, thoughts, and experiences: We want to listen to you - with our eyes, ears, hearts, and hands.  Feel free to sign a vlog to us, or write an email to us in your preferred language. The language expression that feels most comfortable to you is what we want.

Specific details create more understanding for our team so be sure to include as much as you can! So that we can partner together! Reading and listening to individual submissions, feelings, thoughts and frustrations can help us understand where systemic audism has impacted our community. We can develop a plan to work with entities to develop a solution. 

Sometimes solutions will appear quickly, and sometimes they may take time and sometimes barriers are due to systemic audism that we face everyday -- making it harder to solve because we must educate our community on the needs and accommodations for full access.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) once said in a famous quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The inverse to this statement is true, too - justice achieved anywhere is a step towards justice everywhere. 

Thank you for investing your time and partnering with us as we work to make the community’s space become our space and your space where we all live, work and play.

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