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Adjacent Space's Sign Name

[ID: A white man is wearing a black shirt and brown glasses. He has a beard. In the background there is a beige-colored wall with two paintings. The painting on the left depicts a small brown boat with green-blue seas and blue sky, white clouds, and bright yellow sun. The painting on the right shows a tan lighthouse, a red-roofed and bricked house, and a rocky trail right next to the beach.]


Hello! Today is a thrilling day! Why? It’s the announcement of our name sign contest winner for our organization! Now this will be the last time I’ll fingerspell Adjacent Space! Now, the new name sign—who won? First, we want to thank you all for participating and voting! We had a total of over 100 people who voted in this contest! We’re ecstatic because the name sign belongs to you all as much as it does for us, too. We’re all in this together. The winner of the name sign contest is…ready??


[The new name sign: using two hands each in an “A shape” on top of each other, the hand moves like the sign “change” or “translate” and both hands open up into a spread out “five hand shape”]


That is our official name sign for this organization from now on.


[Repeats the official name sign: using two hands each in an “A shape” on top of each other, the hand moves like the sign “change” or “translate” and both hands open up into a spread out “five hand shape”]


Congrats! Thank you all who participated…thanks!!


[ID at the end: a white background with two hands signing “equality” with large, bolded black words that read: ADJACENT SPACE. At the center of the image there is a triangle that depicts a colorful and vivid mix and swirl of colors that include the following: teal blue, green, gold, brown, gray, black, and dark colors.]

Adjacent Space Sign Name Competition



1. The competition will last from February 1-28th

2. Send your ideas in through Facebook, Instagram or email and be sure to include the hashtag #SignAS in the post and in the video so we can view the submissions

3. You must be Deaf, Deafblind or hard of hearing to submit an idea

4. The Adjacent Space team will choose the top three sign names submitted February 1-28th, announce the top three and then have the public vote on their favorite March 1st-March 8th

5. The winner will receive an Adjacent Space t-shirt and a $25 gift card of their choice


Any questions?  Email us at


Get your ideas in now!






[Video Description 

A white, young man with brown hair, facial hair and glasses is wearing a black v-neck short sleeve t-shirt.  He is sitting in front of a black background and using sign language to communicate his message]




Video Transcript


After much consideration, the Adjacent Space team has decided that we need a new sign name for our non profit organization!  Since being a non profit we have not had sign name so we have decided to host a sign name competition!  This is all happening from February 1-28th. We want to open it up to everyone who has ideas for Adjacent Space to acquire a new sign name for us to adopt going forward as an organization.


To get involved in the sign name competition you can post your ideas to Facebook, Instagram, or if you would like to privately submit you can also email us!  Any of those three ways will qualify you in the competition!


Be sure when you post your video to include the hashtag “#signAS” in your post and also in your video to be part of the competition.


For the new sign name submissions you are able to participate if you are Deaf, hard of hearing or Deafblind.  We are only including Deaf community members, and not hearing people, to protect Deaf culture, Deaf space - because after all that is part of what we are working to advocate and create equality for. So be sure if you submit an idea that you are either Deaf, Deafblind or hard of hearing!


Once you have submitted your idea(s) the team will look over all of the submissions through Facebook, Instagram and email and as a team we will vote on the top three.  Once we have these three chosen, we will open the final three to the public to be involved to vote March 1st through the 8th!  When we are ready to vote we will share more information on how to do so!


Once the public has voted we will announce the winner and the official sign name for Adjacent Space!  The prize for winning the sign name competition will be an Adjacent Space t-shirt and a $25 gift card of your choice! 


If you have any questions about this competition be sure to contact us any time!  We can’t wait to see your ideas for our new sign name!

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