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Adjacent Space Values



We value accessibility as a human right to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to have an equitable and inclusive part in our society where each person works, lives and plays. Living in a society where just one of these places is accessible is not acceptable. Just as their neighbor has access where they work, live and play so should the Deaf citizen.


We are not satisfied with mere accessibility. We look for ways in our community to go beyond the standard of accessibility and promote the ability for community members to have an adjacent seat at the table. When deaf and non-deaf citizens have equal levels of involvement, leadership, and leisure, the whole community will benefit. 


We depend on and celebrate the work of advocates who came before us and we strive to co-create a collaborative network of resources with other individuals and organizations working for accessibility

Proactive Action

As we respond to post-discriminating situations that arise, we will investigate proactive ways to provide the community tools to create an equal and non-discriminating space for consumers and employees.


We want to share the full story of our work. Any donations, partnerships, and other resources that benefit us as an organization will benefit the Deaf community. Without the community, there is no “us". Without transparency, there is no trust.

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