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September Update



[ID: a white woman wearing a dark green shirt is signing. The background consists a black backdrop.]


Hi everyone! What did Adjacent Space do in the month of September? 


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “Equity Where We Work”]


We set up QuickBooks and contacted a certified public accountant (CPA) for accounting purposes. We did this because we want a safe, protected way to finances so that we can start hiring interpreters to interpret for our internal businesses and needs. We’ll hire Deaf and hearing interpreters. Our business will include: meeting with local community leaders and organizations, video translation work (English to ASL) such as articles and important written information. We’re working on developing contracts so that we can hire Deaf and hearing interpreters. This was made possible thanks to grants like Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and people like you!


Recently Hurricane Sally hit southern Alabama—Adjacent Space contacted Baldwin County officials, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Alabama EMA because they hosted a press conference but they provided no access to information for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. We contacted them and advocated for ADA that they need to provide sign language interpretation. We expect to see a sign language interpreter to be present for their next press conference.


[ID: a black background with white letters: “Equity Where We Live”]


[ID: A white man is wearing a black shirt and brown glasses. He has a mustache. In the background there is a beige-colored wall with two paintings. The painting on the left depicts a small brown boat with green-blue seas and blue sky, white clouds, and bright yellow sun. The painting on the right shows a tan lighthouse, a red-roofed and bricked house, and a rocky trail right next to the beach.]


Clear Mask Campaign was a success! We’ve reached our goal, fundraised $1,728! We’re thrilled and humbled to see how involved our community was in this campaign. We’ve received media inquiries from places like WBRC FOX 6 News, WVTM 13 NBC News, Birmingham Mountain Radio, and Samford University Student News Network for interviews. We’re appreciative of opportunities to get our word out and seeing us reach our goal was exciting! Soon in October we’ll meet with stakeholders to discuss our next step in this campaign. Stay tuned!


On September 30, we hosted an event with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) lawyer Ed Zwilling. He’s an expert in ADA. He detailed in depth about how we can seek equity with ADA in anywhere where we go and how we can advocate ourselves. We want to thank everyone who attended this learning experience and we want to thank Ed, especially, for his leadership on this event! Thank you!


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “Equity Where We Play”]


On September 12, we hosted a Think Tank Zoom session. We discussed about discrimination, mask mandates, and International Deaf Awareness Month. Ideas, perspectives, and opinions were shared and discussed for one fast full hour. We enjoyed the event a lot and it was great seeing new and old faces. Thank you for making time to come to this discussion! 


Adjacent Space is currently seeking new avenues and ideas for fundraising so if you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know! We’re ready to roll our sleeves up and see what we can do before 2021 comes along!


Kimberly Thornsberry, Adjacent Space’s Creative Leader, just released a virtual art piece for fall! Make sure to check it out on our website.


We partnered with an organization called Thank You Books to allow Deaf interpreters to translate books for their storytelling program! The first opportunity was on September 26 and it went great! We look forward to continue our partnership as we hope to find more Deaf interpreters translate books for them!


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “How can you support? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our accessibility calendar. Share our content on media, Get yourself Adjacent Space gear, Make a small monthly financial donation, Make Adjacent Space your charity on Amazon Smile, Join the movement with us and #createspace.]


[ID at the end: a white background with two hands signing “equality” with large, bolded black words that read: ADJACENT SPACE. At the center of the image there is a triangle that depicts a colorful and vivid mix and swirl of colors that include the following: teal blue, green, gold, brown, gray, black, and dark colors.]

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