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Policy on Pro Bono Interpreters


A pro bono request should consist of:

  • The date and time of the need

  • Location

  • The entity or individual’s name

  • The reason why the entity is unable to provide paid interpreting services

    • Adjacent Space reserves the right to determine if a reason is legitimate to try and provide pro bono interpreting services

Adjacent Space will be using a variety of ways to discover if a pro bono interpreter is needed including but not limited to:

  • Researching the asking party’s capabilities to provide reasonable accomodations 

  • Contacting the asking party to discuss the intent of requesting for a pro bono interpreter as opposed to paying for an interpreter

  • Referencing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and relevant laws for guidelines in this process

Adjacent Space is not an interpreting referral agency, nor will we be coordinating paid services throughout the community and will not be acquiring contracts with local businesses to sub-contract with interpreters. We will continue to encourage entities  to pay and utilize local interpreting agencies to serve our community and their needs. If Adjacent Space is seen in the community providing paid interpreting services, it is in response to meeting a need funded by grant money or related to Adjacent Space’s mission that has been assessed as deemable of supported interpreting services for a specific situation or period of time. 


Adjacent Space will occasionally provide pro bono interpreting coordination services for the community to fill a need where an entity is not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act due to “undue burden” stipulation in the law. There are few unique exceptions to this rule, and we intend to provide accessibility with pro bono interpreting. If it is assessed that a paid interpreter is in fact warranted, Adjacent Space will advocate for that entity to pay for an interpreter and refer the responsible party to a local interpreting agency. 


As an organization that promotes the accessibility and equity of the Deaf, hard of hearing and Deafblind community, proper procedures must be performed to continue to do this work.  For example, if Adjacent Space accepted and coordinated all pro bono requests some entities may be dismissing their responsibilities as legally required by Americans with Disabilities Act and other similar laws, future Deaf patients/clients/patrons may face a negative impact due to free services being provided. 


Our hope with providing a pro bono service to the community is that upon contact for a request we are able to teach our community their responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act or fill a need that once was left unanswered. 

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