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Policy on Social Media Accessibility


We use image descriptions to accompany any pictures that we will upload to our social media accounts. We use ASL in videos that we produce for our social media, and we accompany our videos with transcripts and image descriptions. We support the norm that visual content should be transcribed and described, and audio content should be captioned.


We use captioning in our videos for only the following productions:

  • Monthly Updates from Adjacent Space

  • Public announcements such as Adjacent Space updates, local or state information (that is not already available in English) or other relevant material for our communityCause and marketing campaigns

  • Videos that we share that are not signed in ASL


We will not use captioning in our videos:

  • Live events where ASL is the primary language and captioning is not available 

  • Translations of transcripts, ordinances, laws, or any printed media that we deem necessary to share to public and that already has material available in English first


Adjacent Space reserves the right to use its judgment whether to caption or not in event of special circumstances that are not listed in this policy.


Adjacent Space will ensure this accessibility by doing, at minimum, the following:


  • Videos and images that are posted will be accompanied with image/video descriptions

  • Videos in ASL will have captions and a matching transcript

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