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Kenton Myers


For Clients and Requestors

How does your agency pre-screen or determine qualified interpreters when first contracting or hiring an interpreter?

1. Skills: Do you assess skills through certification, licensure, education, experience, areas of speciality?

2. Background: Do you conduct a background check, immunizations or require other documentation?

Through certification, licensure, education, experience, areas of speciality. We require certain documents depending on the setting where they will be working (ie TB SKIN TEST if working in hospitals, background checks if working with children, etc)

How does your agency procure interpreters to satisfy specific requirements of an assignment?

Based on expertise and availability. We know all of the interpreters we work with personally and have seen their work.

How does your agency ensure adherence to the ADA, HIPAA or other pertinent regulations?

Interpreters sign HIPAA agreements with us, we do “pop ups” and check ins with our clients as well. We collaborate with other agencies and organizations to ensure adherence of the ADA and other regulations.

How does your agency manage short-notice requests and unexpected changes?

We handle it the best we can - or the owner ends up going.

How does your agency: Provide a confidential way for a client to provide feedback? Resolve conflicts, problems and complaints? Establish mechanisms to monitor and improve the quality of services provided?

We check in with consumers directly and make sure they know the different ways they can express their grievances. Many times they will simply request a FT call with the owner or send word through one of our interpreters.

How does your agency advocate for appropriate working conditions for interpreters?

Of course.

How does your agency define policies and procedures for billing, payment and collections?


How does your agency manage communication with the requesting party regarding the assignment?

We have 2 full time staff that handle scheduling and administrative correspondence.

How does your agency maintain regular available hours to: Accept requests for coordinate assignments? Respond in a timely manner to all requests?


For End Users and Consumers (Deaf or Hearing)

How does your agency help guide participants to navigate an interpreted interaction?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency utilize partnership with the consumer to ensure an appropriate, skilled interpreter who understands the unique needs of the parties involved?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency advocate for using interpreters with native cultural and linguistic competence?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency strive for continuity of services and consistency of interpreters placed in ongoing jobs whenever possible?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency provide a confidential process to both request AND provide feedback about particular interpreters capabilities before and after the assignment, ensuring that the feedback can be expressed in the communication best suited to the consumer (written or video)?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency actively solicit input and involvement from Deaf stakeholders?


Service Providers and Interpreters

How does your agency provide a convenient way to secure work at a wide variety of venues?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency establish and define: Policies and procedures? The working relationship of employee or contractor? A convenient way to secure work?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency offer assignments and select interpreters based on the following questions:

1. The interpreters qualifications, credentials and experience?

2. Selecting teams of interpreters that work well with each other?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency:

1. Procure and provide essential information regarding the specific requirements of an assignment.

2. Arrange for access to presenters or necessary parties by the assigned interpreters

3. Gather preparation materials that assist the interpreter (scripts, lectures, pre-reading material).

4. Solicit any information about the assignment environment that would impact the interpreters (size of audience, duration, formality)

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency provide administrative functions which may include advertising, billing, payroll, education and advocacy?

Our staff handles that through direct contact, social media etc

How does your agency assist with meeting last minute needs which affect the assignment and the interpreter?

(Agency left unanswered)

How does your agency promote the development of interpreters skills and comfort in various venues?

We offer and promote workshops.

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