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Interpreting Agencies

Adjacent Space, in line with its mission to promote visual-tactile accessibility and equity in the community, is continuing to build resources for our community at large. One of those key components of accessibility is interpreting services. A survey has been sent to each entity that has been identified as a business or organization that coordinates and provides interpreting services outside of their own entity for some form of reimbursement or payment in the state of Alabama.

The written policy that governs and guides entities that coordinate interpreting services is the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf's (RID) CPC as well as RID's Standard Practice Paper for Professional Sign Language Interpreting Agencies.


Adjacent Space will has listed each entity's name and is marked as:

  • "Not yet responded"

  • "Not an interpreting agency" (due to answering the prerequisite questions as "no")

  • Or list the answers and contact information that are provided an interpreting agency entity

The prerequisite questions are the following:

  • "Is your entity an interpreting agency?"

  • "Is your entity adhering to RID's CPS and RID's Practice Papers?"

  • "Does your entity coordinate paid interpreting services within the community (outside of your own entity)?"

Sign Language Interpreting Services

Sign Language Interpreting Services mission is to provide quality, reliable interpreting services throughout Alabama. 


Contact Information

General Information:


Kris Courson

205-243-4783 (voice or text)

To learn more about this agency's practices and structure

BrightSigns Interpreting 

With professional Sign Language Interpreters from around the state, we help make access and equality friendly and easy. Let us know how we might serve you and your business.

Contact Information



Dawn Vanzo


To learn more about this agency's practices and structure

M&N Language Services

Contact Information

888.224.9192 (text enabled), 205-203-9454,


Kenton Myers


To learn more about this agency's practices and structure click on "view more"

Deaf Services

Not Yet Responded

Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind

Not Yet Responded

Easter Seals

Not Yet Responded 

Office of Deaf Services

Not Yet Responded

Alabama Department of Rehabilitative Services

Not Yet Responded

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