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December Update

Video Transcript


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “Equity Where We Work”]


[ID: a white woman is wearing a dark gray sweater. In the background there is a white desk on the right, and a black curtain behind her.]


We have developed a new calendar of plans and ideas for Adjacent Space in 2021! We will be continuing our Think Tank community discussions to foster community conversation, an ADA Q&A, “How to Create Space for Equity” series talk and more! What would you like to see in 2021? 


We’ve finalized our pro bono interpreting policy! This policy is intended to clarify how and when it is appropriate to have pro bono interpreting and how we plan to approach it as compared to using paid interpreting for Adjacent Space business and to encourage businesses to use paid interpreting services.


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “Equity Where We Live”]


[ID: a black background with white letters that read: “Equity Where We Play”]


[ID: a white woman is wearing curved rectangular black-rimmed glasses with a black long-sleeved blouse. The color of the background is beige. On the left of the background is a square painting that contains a various of colors including red, light blue, lime green, and orange.]


We’ve established a Community Accessibility survey to the community to help us understand and tackle issues that may be facing our community. This is important information for Adjacent Space to learn in order to know what projects to focus on in the coming year. Please check this survey out in the post! 




In response to The Homewood Star and Woolley Institute Spoken-Language Education (WISE) we wrote a statement describing our fervent support for sign language education for deaf children by using data and research. 


[ID: A white man is wearing a black shirt and brown glasses. He has a mustache. In the background there is a beige-colored wall with two paintings. The painting on the left depicts a small brown boat with green-blue seas and blue sky, white clouds, and bright yellow sun. The painting on the right shows a tan lighthouse, a red-roofed and bricked house, and a rocky trail right next to the beach.]


On December 13th, Adjacent Space hosted the Holiday Captioned Movie Drive-in and it was a success! Did you know that Drive-In movies are not required to provide captioning under the ADA? We're thrilled that we were able to make the event accessible for everyone! Thank you all who came, donated, and supported this event! It sucks that the event was rainy, but we want to host the event again when it's warm out! We would like to express our gratitude to Regions Bank and Sorenson for sponsoring this event!  Again, thank you all who donated, came to the event, and supported us! We truly had a great time! We've fundraised over $1,000 Through this event Adjacent Space was able to host an event that otherwise would not be accessible and fundraise for future Adjacent Space activities.  It was a little rainy but the event was great! We’ve raised over $1,000 to help support our programs and maintenance! To help support our programs, interpreters, and maintenance to keep this organization running!


On December 18th, Creative Leader Kim Thornsberry hosted a Q&A session with Adjacent Space on her art of “Reindeer.” We want to thank everyone for attending the session and Kim Thornsberry for her incredible leadership in art and creativity!


[ID at the end: a white background with two hands signing “equality” with large, bolded black words that read: ADJACENT SPACE. At the center of the image there is a triangle that depicts a colorful and vivid mix and swirl of colors that include the following: teal blue, green, gold, brown, gray, black, and dark colors.]

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