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Alabama Deaf Community Accessibility Calendar  

Image description: a white woman with glasses and brown hair in a bun signed in front of a grey wall.

Alabama has so many great events for the Deaf community, right?
social events hosted by Deaf clubs, open captioned films, concerts interpreted into ASL, online events led by leaders in the Deaf community.
Why not gather all of these events in one place to find events near you?
Welcome to the Alabama Deaf Community Access Calendar

As you scroll, you’ll see 3 kinds of pictures.

First, the blue picture with hands signing “interpret” those are “Interpreted events”. The primary mode of communication will be spoken English, but interpreters will be provided.

Next, a green picture with captions - those are “captioned events”: (ID: there is a small fly that zooms by on screen. Anna does not notice the fly, and keeps signing) Similar to the previous example, these events’ primary mode of communication will be spoken English, but open captions will be provided on the screen, so the entire audience can see them together.

The third kind of the event is the best kind! Visual/tactile spaces! The symbol is a yellow box with two hands signing “gesture”. Whether it’s a social event, or an event on stage, the primary mode of communication will be sign language - visual ASL and/or tactile ASL!

(ID: screen fades to black)

See an event you’re excited about? Click on it, and look for the link - this is important - click on that link to open THEIR page. Registration, questions, etc, should be directed to the host of the event. If you can’t find a link, let us know and we can help get you connected with the event organizer.

We’re so grateful for the folks planning these events! Your work makes a difference in our community! Whenever you have a chance, tell them THANKS!

If you’re planning to host an interpreted event, captioned event, or a visual/tactile space, let us know! Email us at or visit fill out our form on our website and we’ll add your event to the calendar!
Also, if you aren’t on facebook much, we have another calendar on our website with the same information.

And while you’re on the website, you can see this same Deaf Community Access Calendar

Whether you’re going to events or planning events, your recreation and your work are real investments in our community - thank you!

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