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August Update

Video Transcript

Here's what we've done for the month of August!

[ID: A white man is wearing a black shirt and brown glasses. He has a mustache. In the background there is a beige-colored wall with two paintings. The painting on the left depicts a small brown boat with green-blue seas and blue sky, white clouds, and bright yellow sun. The painting on the right shows a tan lighthouse, a red-roofed and bricked house, and a rocky trail right next to the beach.]




Hi everyone! What did Adjacent Space do for the month of August? Check it out!


[ID: A black background. “Equity Where We Live” are in white letters.]


We got fabulous news recently! We received $15,000 dollars in a grant from Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham! We are thrilled, honored, and touched that they supported us and our organization. Thank you!! Here’s their logo shown:


[ID: a white background with letters in gray that read: Our Community Foundation For a Greater Birmingham. On the left of this image are four colors, all in three lines (from clockwise: bright blue diagonally, bright orange vertically, green-yellow vertically, and purple diagonally.]


We want to recognize two donors that made this grant possible for us! Their names are: 1) Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham Funds and 2) CFGB Giving Together Grants Fund. We want to highlight them and thank them for their support! What will we do with this grant? We will purchase high quality videotaping, recording, and filmmaking equipment that will help us create higher quality content for Adjacent Space. We also intend to use money to pay Deaf and hearing interpreters during our meetings, business, and events, and so on to interpret and provide accessibility, so that’s where money will be used for.


Sorenson just donated $1,000 dollars to help us advance our mission! We are elated and we would like to express our gratitude! Check out its logo in next slide! 


[ID: a white background that depicts the letter “S” in the middle of this logo. There is a sky blue coloring that shows an invisible circle, making the letter “S” stand out. At the bottom right of this logo there is a small circle with the letter “R” shown—used for copyright purposes.]


We have met with a skilled organizational development consultant and her name is Ashley Cox. We discussed about how we can better set up our organization’s structure. We reviewed and cleaned up some of our website to make it look better and more smoother. We still have few things that we want to complete with our website but when we get everything done, we will be sure to let you know!


[ID: a black background. “Equity Where We Live” are written in white letters.]


 [ID: a Black woman is wearing a light teal shirt with a black undershirt. She is wearing large silver hoop earrings. The background is dull gray.]


Hi! I’m LaShawnda Lowe (name sign: “L” on right next to her right eye)! I’m the Diversity leader for Adjacent Space. We have several updates that I will be expanding on. Our website now has a Thank You page for our sponsors, donors, and volunteers. This page is important to us to recognize those who are building on the mission of equity and accessibility - these monetary and voluntary donations of support is what carries us to continue our work in the community! 


We established a fundraising campaign called Clear Mask Campaign. It is a campaign that aims to create awareness of the barrier that masks create and fundraise money to collect funds and purchase clear masks to give out to our communities free of charge! Follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and our website to see updates about this campaign and how you can get involved!


This Clear Mask Campaign is being collaborated with Alabama Black Deaf Advocates (ALBDA), Alabama Association of the Deaf (AAD), M&N Language Services, Sign Language Interpretation Services, and BrightSigns. We reached out to local businesses and nonprofits to see if they are happy to support our campaign to expand the reach and exposure of our campaign; this would be a terrific way to show how Birmingham is committed to accessibility for all! We established a new donating platform, Give Lively, to streamline our donations and make it easier for to use fundraising tools in a more efficient and effective manner. Lastly, we established AmazonSmile. Please link us on your Amazon account to our Amazon account to allow us to earn extra money! Thank you! See you all next month!


[ID: a black background. “Equity Where We Play” are written in white letters.]


[ID: a white woman is wearing a black shirt. She is wearing a pearl necklace. The background shows a bright purple coloring.]


Hello! I’m Debrah Bryant! What is my role? I collect and curate information about Deaf ASL Interpreters, Deaf ASL teachers, local Deaf business owners, and more for our website! Now I’ll be listing updates! We partnered with a clothing designer to create Adjacent Space gear; we have shirts, tote bags, and towels with Adjacent Space logo on them! Last Friday on August 28th was an art night hosted by Kimberly Thornsberry. The video is now up on our website and Facebook! Go ahead and check it out! It’s been captioned! Be on lookout for more art events! 


We will host another community Think Tank on September 12 - send us your questions you’d like to discuss with your peers and community! We will be hosting a Zoom Q&A session with ADA lawyer, Ed Zwilling, to discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on September 30 to help you learn better about ADA and how we can request accommodations for ourselves. What questions about the ADA do you have? Go ahead and share with us! Thank you!


[ID at the end: a white background with two hands signing “equality” with large, bolded black words that read: ADJACENT SPACE. At the center of the image there is a triangle that depicts a colorful and vivid mix and swirl of colors that include the following: teal blue, green, gold, brown, gray, black, and dark colors.]

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